Ramsey Pre-school - Caring for Ramsey's pre-schoolers since 1969
Our Committee are all volunteers, either parents, grandparents or local members of the community. We are always happy to welcome members of the community to the committee who would like a more long-term involvement with the pre-school. All Committee members have full DBS checks.

As we are committee run, we rely on our parents coming on board to help keep the preschool running, without a Parent Committee we would unfortunately be unable to continue to keep Ramsey Preschool open. Our current committee membership is listed below and on the notice board in the Pre-school entrance. We encourage all parents to join the committee and help in the pre-school in whatever way they can. We are very grateful for any support or ideas offered and are dependent on your willingness to help.
Our current committee are:

Carol Dalton
Carol took early retirement from her senior management position to relax and was immediately volunteered by her daughter to take over the Chair position of the pre-school! 

Suzanne Sawyer

Rebecca Sawyer 

Evie Lavallin

Jemma Tingey

Ben Parnell



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