Ramsey Pre-school - Caring for Ramsey's pre-schoolers since 1969

Ramsey Pre-School is currently sited next to the Spinning Infants School with sessional times that fit in well with dropping off and picking up older siblings at Ramsey Spinning Infants and Ramsey Community Junior School. 
We are open 5 days a week for 38 weeks a year.  Our term dates follow the school terms as closely as possible. There are two 3 hour sessions a day.

Morning sessions are 9.00-12.00

Afternoon sessions are 12.00-3.00

alternatively you can have a full day session from 9.00-3.00

Session prices

2 year olds £13.00 per 3 hour session or £26.00 all day

3 year olds £12.50 per 3 hour session or £25.00 all day

We are in receipt of early years funding for 3 and 4 year olds, all children receive 15 hours funding the term after they turn 3. There is also funding available for 2 year olds please visit www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/free2s to see if your child would qualify for the funding. Fees are applicable for children who are not in reciept of funding or who require additional sessions ontop of their 15 hours. Please do get in touch if you are not sure how the funding works and we'll be happy to explain it to you. 

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