Ramsey Pre-school - Caring for Ramsey's pre-schoolers since 1969
Term Dates 2020-2021
Here at Ramsey Pre-School, we try and keep our term dates as close as possible to Ramsey Spinning Infants school. The dates are as follows:



                  Autumn Term starts                              Monday 7th September

                  Half Term                                              26th October - 30th October

                 Autumn Term Closes                               Friday 18th December

                Spring Term Opens                                  Tuesday 5th January

                Half Term                                                15th February - 19st February 

                Spring Term Closes                                  Friday 26th March

                Summer Term Opens                              Tuesday 13th April

                May Day                                                   Monday 3rd May

                Half Term                                                31st May - 4th June

                Summer Term Closes                               Monday 19th July

                Preschool Leavers Trip                           Tuesday 20th July (Blue group only)

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