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AGM and a new Committee

Ramsey Pre-school is run by a volunteer management committee. We had our AGM last night where our current committee stepped down and a new committee was appointed. Cheryl, our Vice-Chair, Kelly, our Secretary, and Stephen, our IT / Maintenance whizz all stepped down as their children are no longer at the pre-school. Thanks to all of them for their hard work, especially Stephen who has been a long-standing member. We had nominations for 8 new members so thank you for all your support. This is an exciting time for the pre-school, not only are we in our new building but we are moving towards an Ofsted inspection in the summer and we are encouraged by the positive comments we've received from education officials about our rising standards.

Spring Term Activities

Have you seen our eggs? The children are keeping them warm in an incubator at the moment and waiting for them to hatch. Nikki has been showing them videos of what will happen so they know what to look out for! Thanks to the Elliott family for lending us the equipment.

Our nature corner will be taking shape in the next few months and we will be looking after caterpillars to help with the children's learning and understanding of the world. There should be lots of butterflies around the flower pots this summer!

Staff News

Sadly we've said goodbye to the lovely Laura Chrysanthou who has a new role nearer her home. She will be sadly missed. Hannah Spencer will be joining us on the 11th February - some may know her from Ramsey Day Nursery. Welcome Hannah!

Car Parking

The pre-school will be operational from the new building next to Spinning Infants from the start of this term. This is a polite reminder that the parking spaces at the front of the building are now in use by Ramsey Pre-school staff. Please do not block access when dropping off and picking up children at Spinning Infants. We need to keep these clear for deliveries, staff parking and any children with additional needs at the pre-school. Thanks for your understanding. We do appreciate that this is a change of use in 2014 and may take a few weeks to get used to.

Happy New Year 2014

Ramsey Pre-school and its managing committee would like to wish you all a very happy New Year for 2014! We couldn't be more delighted to start the new year in such a great new building. The children are going to love learning in such a nice environment with exciting toys that allow them to stretch their imaginations and be creative. We also have a working environment that is suitable for our hard working staff too - no more tiny chairs! They now have proper office space so they can do the necessary paperwork required by Ofsted in comfort. We had a brilliant reaction to our opening ceremony with lots of support from the community and many new children joining in 2014. We do still have spaces as we have a bigger building but if you are looking for your child to start at our pre-school later in 2014 / 2015, you are very welcome to put their names down on our waiting list. This enables us to plan ahead for staffing provision and for children with additional needs.

Preparing for our Grand Opening!

Well it's Sunday and our nails are broken, we're exhausted and covered in dust but the battle was won with the flat pack sandpit that refused to fold according to the instructions and the train set is finally together!

So yes, we've been busy getting ready for the grand opening of our new building in School Lane. Not so impressed that we've had to put extra measures in to stop vandals - that's very sad. However, we're delighted with the support we've had from the local community, Spinning Infants and past staff members of Ramsey Pre-school who have sent us lovely best wishes.

Grand Opening

Ramsey Pre-school invites parents, childminders, young children and anyone who is interested to see our new building to our grand opening on Tuesday 17th December from 9am to 11am - drop in at any point for crafts, activities, Santa and photo opportunities, and a chance to look around our wonderful new space before we move in over the Christmas holidays. Spaces are available in January for pre-schoolers. For more information, call 01487 710160, email info@ramseypreschool.co.uk or see our website: http://www.ramseypreschool.co.uk. We will be cutting the ribbon at 11.15am with drinks and nibbles for our grown-up guests from the Ramsey community.

Looking for New Committee Members

It's an exciting time for Ramsey Pre-school and we always need a merry band of volunteers to run our Managing Committee, headed up by our Chair Carol Dalton. There are a number of posts available and also many little things that need to be done to keep everything running and to help Ramsey Pre-school achieve its aim of an outstanding Ofsted status once it moves into its new home in January 2014. We need current and new parents of children attending the pre-school to volunteer to help and vote - this is very important as we need to stay compliant with our charitable status. We would also welcome members of the Ramsey community who would like to be involved on a longer term basis to provide continuity and perhaps have more free time to offer. Perhaps you are great at maintenance, administration, fundraising, talking to the local community, crafts or baking, have experience in education or working with young children, are great at organising, book-keeping or have run your own business... these are all skills that would be invaluable. Please get in touch if you can help. Our next AGM is in January 2014.

Official Opening

The building works are complete and the new Ramsey Pre-school building looks amazing. We can't wait to get our official registration certificate from Ofsted to allow us to open the doors in January 2014. But before that, we have an opening ceremony on Tuesday 17th December at 11.00am where prospective parents and members of the community are welcome to come and see our new learning space for Ramsey's pre-schoolers. We are right next door to Ramsey Spinning Infants and you can't miss us - the paint is still glistening! If you'd like to come along, please email us on: info@ramseypreschool.co.uk

The building works have begun!

After more paperwork than our Chair Carol cares to recall, we are finally, YES FINALLY, transforming the old library building into a fantastic new space for the pre-school. The builders are currently creating the new disabled toilet by the side door, and the brand new kitchen space so have a peek through the window! The staff car park for Spinning Infants is now moving to its new space to the side of the school field which will enable the new pre-school playground to be constructed with a special child-friendly surface.
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