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The parents of children at Ramsey Pre-school came up trumps recently when they baked dozens of yummy cakes for us to sell at Ramsey Spinning Infants Summer Fair. Committee members Kelly and Cheryl ran our stall and sold out - we made an amazing £53 which will go towards things that the staff think will benefit the children. We also made £27 on our 'dress up in your pyjamas' day organised by Carly and Jen. We're also hoping our recent school photos will raise valuable funds as well. We couldn't do this without our brilliant fundraisers and all the parents who support us!


In June, our fundraising team of Carly and Jen organised sunflower planting. All the children who wanted to participate paid £1 to plant a sunflower which they can look after at pre-school and take home at the end of term. We raised £18! All of our fundraising activities raise money for things that will directly benefit the children.
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