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Wind Farm Grant

Thanks to all our parents who signed our letters in support of Ramsey Wind Farm's planning application for four new turbines. The Wind Farm promised to release a large community fund with Ramsey Pre-school as the first beneficiary. We petitioned local Councillors to support the plans and our Vice Chair, Cheryl spoke at the planning committee meeting at the Council offices in Huntingdon with a big scary timer flashing away! Thanks to all the local support, the committee agreed and we will therefore get £25,000 towards our plans to move to a new building and achieve Outstanding status.

The Ramsey Million

Our Chair, Carol entered us into the first stage of bidding for small grants from the Ramsey Million. We are pleased to announce we have been awarded £222.49 for a new sandpit with cover, and high visibility tabards for the children. We've already made good use of the tabards on our visit to Ramsey Police Station and Ramsey Library.
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